Patrick Zimmerschied was born October 6, 1982 in Wetzlar, Germany. 
After dropping out of school at age 18, he tried various jobs.
Currently, he is studying philosophy and political science at the
Darmstadt University of Technology. He is fascinated by paradoxes
and the question of the nature of reality.
In his spare time, he enjoys writing poems and short stories.
Member of
Homo Universalis





:: T H U S   S P O K E   P A T R I C K ::



1. If you had the chance to meet an alien from an extraterrestrial technologically & culturally advanced civilization and make one
question, which would that be?

- Can I come with you?



2. Which 3 prominent individuals you distinguish throughout Human History?

- Alexander Fleming, Michael Faraday and of course Homer Simpson.



3. Which is Human's most important achievement in his history on planet till now?

- You mean beside Homer Simpson..?



4. What is this significant characteristic human civilization must have in order not to be destroyed from its own technological

- I don't think we will be destroyed by our technological adolescence.
The majority of people have the necessary characteristics to avoid their own extinction.
Probably "care" is the most important one. But maybe we will be destroyed by a minority of fanatic individuals.



5. If you could change one thing in the world, which would that be?

- I don't think I should have the power to change something without effort,
neither should anyone else. Thus everybody can shape the world in his own way.



6. Which civilization/s from all who have appeared on Earth you appreciate most for its/their contribution in humanity, and why?

- Today's western society.
It's not perfect, but it's going in the right direction.
I think libertarianism is a desirable goal. Personal freedom should only end where the freedom
of other people is violated. The chains which tie the individual, hold all of us together.